Twenty stewards of the Annunciation Church are elected (10 each year) to assist the Parish Priest in the administration of our sacred ministry.


The Philoptochos Society encourages ladies of our parish to join in this philanthropic organization of the Church.


Young men, ages 10 and older, are invited to assist the priest as Altar Boys.


The Annunciation Choir is comprised of parishioners desiring to use their gift of music to enhance the beauty of our worship service.
The Dynami Choir is the youth choir of our parish that strives to learn a variety of ecclesiastical, cultural, and contemporary Orthodox songs.


Sunday Church School is the religious education ministry of our parish for young people ages 3 through high school.
We also provide an Adult Religious Education forum that meets regularly to discuss and learn more about our precious Orthodox Christian Faith.


Greek language classes for young people and adults are held to teach conversational Greek and Hellenic Culture.


A beautiful aspect of the rich Hellenic Culture is folk dancing. There are more than 1,000 different Greek dances. Each region of Greece has a distinct expression of the culture and this program is offered to learn the songs, dances, and costumes of these regions.


The Greek Orthodox Youth of America is a youth program for young people in high school. The opportunity is given for them to gather in fellowship and learn about the Orthodox Christian Faith.


The Hellenic Orthodox Primary Enrichment program invites young people, grade 3-5, to join in Orthodox fellowship. Events are planned to help the young people develop leadership skills and build character.


The Junior Orthodox Youth includes young people in grades 6-8. The primary goal of this ministry is to develop the ability to make proper decisions as they enter the teenage years.


The Young Adult League encourages young adults to accept greater responsibility as stewards of the Church. Their involvement in our parish ministry as youth directors, choir members, religious education teachers, etc. is beneficial in developing a total ministry for our parish.


The Mothers of Orthodox Minors is a support group for mothers. They gather to discuss topics about raising our children in an Orthodox home. To learn more about this ministry, please visit our website through the links heading on the main menu.